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of hands and hearts and minds

Hands unclasped are open to be filled with something greater than we could ever imagine Minds unshuttered are open to understand something greater than we could ever imagine Hearts unlocked … Continue reading

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Protected: where wildflowers grow

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When Goodbye Looks Like an Ordinary Day

Love flows out between our kisses, meets our hearts and merges with us Unity expresses fully when goodbye looks like an ordinary day Minds and bodies are as one, eyes … Continue reading

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your hands

your hands delight me the look of them the shape of them they leave me wondering what they feel like in mine what I feel like in them I have … Continue reading

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gravitational time dilation

impermanence sets the tone for our experiences romance releases residual effects on enigmatic aphorisms interrupting the countenance of few yet sensuality infiltrates the periphery of awakened hearts count forward the … Continue reading

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deception’s gain makes monsters of many pretense false marks the unholy ones spiritual paradoxy culminates Love’s apathy division unfolds untoward Longevity’s lassitude Seek Life’s fullness disregard the rest

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effervescent love

The smile in your eyes gives way to the one on your lips Reaching beyond boundaries of the physical Merging with the divine The sun’s twilight rays set tone to … Continue reading

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