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be like the trees

“May you stand tall ’til the end of your days.  Deep roots. Inner strength. Radiant exterior. Stretching high. Flexible where you stand. Letting go when it’s time.  Offering comfort and … Continue reading

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when what may, comes

I offer this…the thief and the joker know.

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“When you lead with love, peace will follow”

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musing of a quiet mind

I don’t think the Universe’s function requires my belief but it receives my cooperation whether I acknowledge that or not

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love echoes in the black moon light

what echoes lay down measures of intertwining threads between here and then your caress my kiss our joining does not one equal the other and two until eternity love grants … Continue reading

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this is Love

Space held in sweet and loving embrace. Truths of vulnerabilities openly shared. Tears of sadness granted permission to fall even as they intermingled with smiles born of distinct happiness. Safety … Continue reading

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